Realistic Multi-hand Vegas 21 Blackjack Trainer Game

This is the sleekest and most refined Blackjack game in the App Store! Blackjack Genius provides a fresh, intelligent, and intuitive approach to playing Blackjack and improving your skills. Blackjack Genius includes an intuitive advice system that helps players quickly and easily learn the basic strategy to maximize their win rate.

All possible Blackjack scenarios are available:
» Play up to three hands at once
» Split hands up to three times
» Includes settings for insurance and surrendering

Customizable rules include:
» Dealer hits soft 17
» Double after split
» 1-8 decks
» Offer insurance
» Surrender early, late, never
» Re-split Aces
» Hit split Aces
» Double after split
» Blackjack payout
» Split up to 3 times
» Surrender after split

Insta-Strategy Chart

Players can quickly pull up the basic strategy chart for any hand during a round. Tap and hold the hand to quickly peek at the chart. The move with the best odds will be highlighted for you!

Strategy Suggestion Assistant

Learning the basic strategy can seem daunting, but with the Strategy Suggestion Assistant, you will master it with ease. When suggestions are turned on, players will be cautioned against making moves that don't have the best odds of winning.

Dealer Advice

Sometimes you just aren't sure what to do. Worry not! Tap the dealer at any time and the move with the best odds will be highlighted for you.

Hand Totals

At a casino, the dealer gives you a few seconds to add up your cards before announcing your hand total. Doing this math can be daunting, so you can practice by turning on hand totals to confirm you got the math right. Additionally, you can turn on a delay that will give you a chance to practice adding them yourself before the hand total is displayed. And of course, you can turn hand totals off completely when you're ready.

Fully Customizable Rules and Strategy Charts

Play with any combination of rules that are available at any casino around the world! The basic strategy chart, suggestions, and advice will all update according to your rule choices. The basic strategy chart shows you the moves with the best odds for every type of hand: hard, soft, and pair.

Smooth, Beautiful, Useful Interface

Gameplay is smoothly and beautifully animated with brief summaries at the end of each round. Animations can be turned off for a faster experience and you can set an option to automatically place your last bet at the start of each round. You can also set your wallet to any amount you choose before the start of a round.